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How to Join Hunting Hills


Join us for the 2022 season!


The membership application process is very easy.  If you any questions, please reach out to the Membership Officer.    

                 Initiate New Member Application

  • Fill out the application form at the link (above), answer a few questions and tell us a little about yourself, and pay a non-refundable $50 application fee. 
  • If you don’t know anyone in the club, or are new to the community, we will either call or email you to get to know you, and to let you get to know one of our members – we are proud of our club, and want to make sure you know how you can enjoy your summer with us when you join.
  • The Membership Committee checks your information and forwards a recommendation to the Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors votes on your membership.
  • The Membership Officer will then send you registration instructions and a packet of information about the club. This can be accomplished in a day or two, though may take up to a week.


*** 6 weeks of swim lessons are free to new members! ***


For more information on swim lessons email The Pool Manager *Replies may be slow in the off season* 


Annual Dues and the Membership Bond:

We offer three membership levels, depending on your household’s size:

Membership Level Annual Dues
Family Membership $650
Couple Membership (2 person household) $600
Single Membership $500


Hunting Hills is a member owned club, and to maintain this, upon being admitted to the membership, all incoming members must buy a “Bond” in the club. This bond is a requirement of the by-laws of the club and is your stake as an "owner" of the club.

Item Cost
One-time Membership Bond* $500


We know paying Annual Dues as well as a bond in one year may be a financial burden for some families. We can work with families to arrange a payment plan for your bond, if needed, which fits your circumstances including monthly bond payments, or a customized plan which fits you better.

 * Be sure to read our Bylaws, particularly Article VIII, Section 3 regarding bonds and bond refunds. 

Please contact our Membership Officer if you have any questions about the application process or simply want to learn more about Hunting Hills.